Our Story.

Welcome to The Gurls’ Club (TGC), a transformative program dedicated to the personal and professional development of African working women, with a primary focus on enhancing autonomy and amplifying advocacy for self, all towards achieving financial empowerment.

How We Do This

The Gurls’ Club (TGC) presents a multifaceted approach to supporting African working women in their journey towards financial empowerment and personal development. This innovative program is structured around five core pillars:

Community Hub​

A foundational element of TGC, the Community Hub creates a space for African working women to connect, share, and grow together. It emphasizes the importance of a supportive network in overcoming personal and professional challenges.

Ascend Learning and Mentorship

Ascend addresses the educational and developmental needs of African women through tailored courses, programs, and mentorship opportunities. It focuses on both personal and professional growth, recognizing the unique challenges faced by these women in the workforce.

Womanish Digital Media and Events

Womanish plays a critical role in advocacy and awareness, challenging societal norms and highlighting the issues faced by African women. Through digital media and events, it amplifies diverse voices and fosters a community of strong, empowered women.

The Gurls’ Shop

This initiative offers products and services designed to empower African working women. By focusing on personal growth and lifestyle enhancements, The Gurls' Shop contributes to the overall mission of empowering women to achieve financial autonomy.

Social Responsibility Initiatives

TGC extends its impact through social responsibility efforts, such as the partnership with Pads Drive Africa for the "Periods Without Barriers" initiative. These initiatives demonstrate TGC's commitment to making a broader social impact beyond individual empowerment.

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Join our community of unapologetically ambitious women looking to connect, Learn and Be well as we walk our personal and financial empowerment journey.

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TGC’s holistic approach addresses the multifaceted barriers African women face, including gender-based expectations and social norms, which contribute to economic and social inequalities. By offering a supportive community, tailored learning and mentorship, advocacy through digital media, empowerment through commerce, and social responsibility initiatives, TGC aims to foster a future where financial autonomy and empowerment are attainable realities for African working women.

Joining The Gurls’ Club signifies embarking on a transformative journey towards redefining the essence of being an African working woman, where empowerment is limitless, and financial autonomy is achievable for everyone.