Inspire Your Journey with TGC

Embark on an inspiring journey with The Gurls’ Club—a sanctuary where aspirations of African working women transform into tangible successes. Whether you’re blossoming in your career or entrepreneurship, or aspiring for leadership and growth, TGC offers a spectrum of support for every stage of your professional journey. Immerse yourself in a world of mentorship, learning, and a community that not only understands but champions your dreams. With TGC, your path from dreams to reality is not just supported—it’s celebrated. Begin your inspiring journey today, and let’s flourish together.

Our Vision & Your Ascent

Rooted in the belief that every African working woman harbors the power to revolutionize her life and community, The Gurls’ Club (TGC) stands as a beacon of change and aspiration. More than just a membership, TGC is a pledge to foster growth, leadership, and the journey towards financial independence. Our distinct mix of mentorship, educational programs, and community support is crafted to guide every member from dreams to distinction. At TGC, we’re not merely nurturing careers & businesses; we’re sculpting enduring legacies.

Explore Your Membership Journey with TGC

Step into a community designed to nurture your professional growth and aspirations at every stage. At The Gurls’ Club, we celebrate your journey with two distinct membership experiences:

Bloom by TGC

Where Beginnings Blossom

Dive into the heart of where it all starts—Bloom, a sanctuary for the dreamers, the starters, the early-stage professionals and entrepreneurs. This is where your potential meets our passion for growth, creating a foundation that turns aspirations into action. With Bloom, you’re not just starting a journey; you’re igniting a path filled with opportunities, learning, and connections. It’s time to plant your dreams in fertile ground and watch them blossom.
Welcome to Bloom, where your future is as bright as your ambition.

Bloom Professional

Bloom Entrepreneur

Bloom into Your Career: Foundations for Success
Bloom Your Business: Cultivating Startup Success
  • Comprehensive Growth Toolkit: Exclusive access to a suite of professional and personal development tools, empowering you to enhance your skill set and personal growth.
  • Professional Navigation Aid: Tailored support for establishing robust professional networks, mastering office dynamics, and setting ambitious career goals.
  • Bloom Professional Community: Connect with a dedicated community of Bloom professionals for exchange of ideas, experiences, and support.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Special offers on sessions, courses, and workshops aimed at early professional and personal development.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Engage in both peer-to-peer mentoring and structured mentorship programs designed to guide your professional path.
  • Custom Insights: Receive curated information via email to fast-track your career development.
  • Priority Masterclass Access: Be the first to secure spots in expert-led sessions and masterclasses, focusing on career enhancement.
  • Networking Events: Opportunities to connect with industry leaders and peers at exclusive networking events.
  • Career Advancement: Direct access to career growth opportunities through TGC’s network of partners.
  • TGC Book Club Membership: Join a community of readers in the TGC Book Club, focusing on professional growth and personal enlightenment.
  • Entrepreneurial Toolkit: Gain access to indispensable entrepreneurial and personal development resources to kickstart and sustain your business journey.
  • Startup Support System: Guidance for business ideation, market validation, and the essentials of setting up your business.
  • Bloom Entrepreneur Community: An exclusive network of Bloom entrepreneurs offering insights, support, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Startup Discounts: Special rates on entrepreneurial workshops, sessions, and courses to fuel your startup’s growth.
  • Collaborative Mentorship: Participate in mentorship programs and peer-to-peer mentoring tailored to entrepreneurial challenges.
  • Startup Insights: Customized startup-related content delivered to your inbox, designed to accelerate your business journey.
  • FoundHer Masterclass Access: Priority access to the TGC FoundHer series, expert sessions, and masterclasses, offering deep dives into entrepreneurial success stories and strategies.
  • Business Networking: Connect with potential collaborators, mentors, and investors through exclusive networking channels.
  • Growth Opportunities: Unlock potential business expansion and development opportunities with TGC’s partners.
  • TGC Book Club for Entrepreneurs: Engage with entrepreneurial literature and discussions in the TGC Book Club, curated for business-minded readers.

Elevate by TGC

Where Leaders are Made.

Step into Elevate, a realm designed for women ready to redefine their limits and transform their trajectory. This tier is for the movers, the shakers, the mid-level professionals, and entrepreneurs who have tasted success and crave more. Elevate is where growth accelerates, leadership skills are honed, and a community of ambitious peers becomes your catalyst for change.
With advanced mentorship, exclusive resources, and unparalleled support, Elevate by TGC is your launchpad to soar higher. Rise with Elevate, where your next level awaits.
Join us as we elevate careers, amplify leadership skills, and create a network of empowered professionals destined to soar to extraordinary heights!

Elevate Professional

Elevate Entrepreneur

Elevate Your Career: Pathways to Leadership
Elevate Your Venture: Blueprint for Growth
  • Leadership Mastery Toolkit: Unlock a comprehensive suite of tools and resources focused on leadership development, skill enhancement, and executive presence, designed to elevate your professional stature.
  • Elevate Professional Community: Engage with a select group of ambitious professionals in our personalized Elevate community, dedicated to fostering leadership and career growth.
  • Exclusive Learning Discounts: Gain access to discounted leadership and personal development sessions, enriching your skills in negotiation, work-life harmony, and beyond.
  • Executive Mentorship Access: Connect with executive mentors and peers for unparalleled guidance and support, accelerating your journey to leadership excellence.
  • Tailored Leadership Insights: Receive curated advice and strategies via email, aimed at advancing your professional and leadership capabilities.
  • Priority Session Access: Enjoy first-priority booking for exclusive expert-led sessions, mentorship opportunities, and masterclasses that inspire your leadership journey.
  • Strategic Networking: Network with executives, C-suite professionals, and influential TGC partners, opening doors to new career and leadership opportunities.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: Discover valuable career and leadership enhancement prospects through our extensive network of TGC partners.
  • TGC Book Club Membership: Dive into the TGC Book Club, selecting reads that challenge and enrich your understanding of leadership and professional growth.
  • Entrepreneurial Growth Resources: Access an array of entrepreneurial and personal development tools tailored for scaling your business, mastering marketing strategies, and building effective teams.
  • Elevate Entrepreneur Community: Join a bespoke community of Elevate entrepreneurs, where scaling ambitions and growth strategies are shared and supported.
  • Scale-Up Discounts: Benefit from exclusive discounts on sessions and workshops designed to propel your business to the next level, covering everything from team building to securing expansion funding.
  • Targeted Mentorship Programs: Engage in mentorship opportunities that offer peer-to-peer advice and insights essential for business scaling and development.
  • Customized Growth Content: Get personalized strategies and tips delivered directly to your email, curated to support your entrepreneurial scaling journey.
  • Exclusive Access to Expertise: Secure your spot at the forefront of expert sessions, masterclasses, and the TGC FoundHer series, each aimed at accelerating your business growth.
  • Networking for Growth: Tap into networking events that connect you with potential partners, mentors, and investors, critical for scaling your venture.
  • Business Expansion Opportunities: Unlock doors to significant growth and scaling opportunities through our network of TGC partners and collaborators.
  • TGC Book Club for Entrepreneurs: Participate in the TGC Book Club, focusing on literature that inspires entrepreneurial innovation and success.


What the Gurls are Saying!

Bloom by TGC gave me the confidence to navigate my early career and connect with inspiring professionals. It's a game-changer!
Explorer Member
Elevate by TGC opened doors to leadership opportunities I never thought possible. The community support is unparalleled.
Achiever Member


Need Help?

What is The Gurls' Club (TGC)?

What are Bloom by TGC and Elevate by TGC?

TGC is a vibrant community of over 30,000 African working women, committed to supporting and empowering women in employment and entrepreneurship. We focus on career navigation, financial wellness, and self-development

Bloom by TGC is an exclusive community tailored for early career professionals and entrepreneurs, while Elevate by TGC is an exclusive community that caters to mid-career professionals, leadership aspirants and those in early leadership. Each segment provides unique benefits and resources aligned with the specific needs of its members.

How do I join Bloom or elevate?

Is there a membership fee?

To join Bloom or Elevate, simply fill out the application form that aligns with your career stage. Choose either [Bloom Application Form] or [Elevate Application Form] to get started.

Currently, there is no membership fee; however, affordable membership fees will be introduced at a later date, providing members with access to additional exclusive perks.

Who qualifies for Bloom by TGC?

What benefits does Bloom offer?

Bloom is for early career professionals (1-5 years of experience) and entrepreneurs in the initial stages (1-4 years) of their ventures.

Bloom exclusively provides a range of perks, including monthly webinars, networking forums, discounted courses, and exclusive industry insights that speak to the needs of early career and entrepreneurs.

Who qualifies for Elevate by TGC?

What benefits does elevate offer?

 Elevate is exclusively designed for mid-career professionals (5-15 years of experience),those aspiring to leadership roles and are new in leadership

 Elevate offers perks such as monthly leadership webinars, peer-to-peer mentoring, quarterly masterclasses, and leadership retreats. Discover more with our Navigator and Achiever tiers.

Are there networking opportunities in Bloom & Elevate?

What criteria are considered during the application review?

Absolutely! Bloom & Elevate provides ample opportunities for networking, collaboration, and engagement with professionals at similar career stages.

We value diversity and welcome all experience levels. Our criteria include passion for growth, commitment, and a desire to contribute to and benefit from the TGC community.


How long does the application process take?

We strive for a quick turnaround and typically review applications within 14 days. You’ll be part of our community in no time if you qualify!

Ready to Bloom or Elevate?

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