About PWB

TGC and PDA unite to revolutionize the lives of African girls and women through menstrual health empowerment. PDA is a dynamic force combating challenges rooted in menstrual inequality, low literacy and economic hardships. In this pioneering partnership, TGC spearheads fundraising efforts, by leveraging the TGC community & partners, for pads and education, aligning with PDA’s mission to provide holistic transformation. This collaboration transcends a mere alliance; It is women supporting women, it’s a shared commitment to breaking taboos and ensuring menstrual equity. Together, they aspire to create a lasting impact on the lives they serve, challenging norms and fostering a future where every girl manages menstruation with dignity.

About The Gurls’ Club

The Gurls’ Club (TGC), founded by Ciiru Komu, is a dynamic community & organization that addresses the diverse challenges faced by African working women throughout their lives, including biases, stereotypes, discrimination, and traditional norms. TGC serves as a supportive community for ambitious women seeking growth in various aspects of their lives, such as careers, businesses, wellness, and finances. With a multifaceted approach recognizing women’s many roles, TGC aims to empower women to achieve their goals.

About Pads Drive Africa

Founded in 2020 by Wambui Njoroge, PDA addresses the challenges faced by African women, particularly the girl-child, emphasizing the struggles tied to low literacy levels, economic hardships, and traditional norms. Many girls experience resource strains in families, often exacerbated by early marriages and limited decision-making power. PDA’s mission involves empowering girls through menstrual health education, providing sanitary pads, and incorporating basic Christian teachings for holistic transformation.

The goal of the initiative

To raise Ksh. 1,500,000 to supply menstrual resources to 1,000 women and girls in Kajiado West for a year, creating a world where every woman and girl has uninterrupted access to brighter, empowered futures.

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Purchase digital tokens representing the cost of menstrual resources for different durations.

1 Month Supply for One Gurl Ksh 125

2 Months' Supply for One Gurl Ksh 250

3 Months' Supply for One Gurl Ksh 375

6 Months' Supply for One Gurl Ksh 750

12 Months' Supply for One Gurl Ksh 1,500

Support 3 Gurls for 12 Months Ksh 4,500

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Partner with us to promote menstrual dignity.


What People of Eremit Say

I thank Padsdrive Africa, they are our people. I have learnt how to achieve my dreams. I am also encouraging my fellow girls from my community to pay attention to what we are being taught. We acknowledge the sacrifices Padsdrive Africa and the family make to come here.
Angel Lime
14 years
Before you began visiting us, our friends, the girls, were always getting pregnant. Every time we went on holiday, there was always a girl who became pregnant. Some wouldn't return to school after holidays. However, since you started visiting, the girls have changed. We close school, and everyone returns, continuing their studies. As for us, our character has changed. We are more respectful and obedient to our teachers and parents.
Noah Leisanka
14 years
To Padsrive Africa, thank you for caring for our community. Since you started coming to this school, the lives of women and girls have truly changed. For the girls, school attendance has been 100%, and their performance has consistently improved. The cleanliness and health of women and girls have also improved with the provision of dignity kits and education. We pray the Lord continues to provide for you to maintain this good work and extend the same to other communities.
Wilson Rop kipkemoi
Headteacher Eremit primary school
Thank you, Padsdrive Africa, for the teachings you provide to our girls. It has been challenging for us to break the cycle of early marriages because it's hard to explain it to our girls, given that we also got married early. However, when it comes from you, they realize there is more to life, and they aspire to be like you.
Women of Eremit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is the "Periods Without Barriers" initiative?

Periods Without Barriers” is a collaborative initiative between The Gurls’ Club and Pads Drive Africa aimed at empowering African girls and women by addressing menstrual inequality, promoting menstrual health education, and ensuring access to sanitary products.

How does the token system work?

The token system allows contributors to support the initiative for specific durations. You can contribute for 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 months, with each token representing a commitment to sustain menstrual resources and education for  one girl or woman for the duration of choice.

What is the mission of the initiative?

The mission is to ensure comfort, confidence & dignity for women across Africa during their menstrual cycles. We aim to achieve this by enlightening women on their identity, providing menstrual health education, and facilitating easy access to sanitary towels through regular project drives.

How will the funds be used?

Funds raised will be used to supply menstrual resources and support comprehensive education initiatives. This includes destigmatizing conversations around menstruation, promoting holistic development, and organizing menstrual health education and other training sessions.

Why is menstrual health education a focus of the initiative?

Menstrual health education is crucial for breaking taboos, destigmatizing menstruation, and promoting a healthy understanding of this natural process. It empowers women with knowledge, fostering a sense of confidence and well-being.

How can an organization partner with the initiative?

Individuals and businesses can partner with us by spreading awareness, contributing to the token system, donating menstrual resources, subsidizing the cost of menstrual resources as a supplier and collaborating on education initiatives. Partnerships can involve sharing information within communities, supporting awareness campaigns, and contributing towards the cause.

Is the initiative limited to specific regions in Africa?

While the initiative is focused on addressing challenges in Africa and for 2024, communities in Kajiado West,, the goal is to have a widespread impact. Contributions and partnerships from individuals and businesses globally are welcomed to create a meaningful and lasting change.

How can I get involved and contribute?

You can get involved by contributing through the token system, spreading awareness on social media, and engaging with our community. Your support, whether through contributions or raising awareness, directly contributes to breaking barriers around menstrual health.

Will there be updates on the progress of the initiative?

Yes, regular updates on the progress of the initiative will be provided. A progress bar on the website and monthly updates  will keep contributors and partners informed about the impact they are making.

Is the initiative affiliated with any religious organization?

The initiative is a collaboration between The Gurls’ Club and Pads Drive Africa. While PDA incorporates basic Christian teachings as part of its holistic transformation approach, the initiative itself is inclusive and welcomes contributors from all backgrounds and beliefs.