6 Ways your Body Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is bound to change you mentally, just as it would physically. Initially, most of  the changes can only be noticed by you and perhaps your partner if they are keen enough . Some of the examples are as follows:

  • frequent urination
  • feeling congested
  • tiredness
  • heartburns
  • Metallic taste

Still, there are some changes like acne or your soon-to-be-visible belly will be proof enough that your having a baby. Let’s take a look at 6  ways your body is bound to change during pregnancy.

    • Visible veins – The body makes about 50% more blood, which is the perfect environment where a baby grows and thrives. The heart also pumps faster to satisfy the needs of the body. In this case veins of your body especially the legs will be more visible. You might also develop veins on the breasts, neck, arms and even face.
    • Skin changes – Pregnancy skin changes may come with a glow or a shine known as pregnancy glow. Pregnancy hormones which work to hydrate the skin making it supple brings these changes. However, be aware that this does not occur to all and sometimes there are hormones overproduce extra oil, causing skin breakouts and acne.
    • Breast changes – Swollen breasts and tenderness during pregnancy occur right from the first trimester, and is one of the tell-tale sign of pregnancy. However, as the breasts get ready to produce milk, small bumps might also appear around your nipples. Breasts also continue to grow bigger becoming fuller throughout the pregnancy, and right up to delivery.
    • Stretch marks – Stretch marks during pregnancy are caused when the skin rapidly expands to make enough space for the growing baby. Typically they occur during the later stages of pregnancy. To avoid stretch marks covering a big area take in vitamin c and keep your skin toned and well hydrated. Putting on weight gradually may also help.
    • Chloasma – This is a common skin condition during pregnancy that causes discoloured or dark patches on the skin. It is typically a few shades darker than your skin and will always mostly come in a symmetrical spot, matching both sides on your body where they appear. Darker skinned women are more likely to suffer from it than their fair counterparts. Although it can be spotted on the face cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin, it might also appear on the arms, and anywhere else the sun directly shines on.
    • Hair – Pregnancy can make you develop an incredible mane of hair. For many, the hair texture improves and growth is experienced due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Unfortunately, hair changes only last as long as the pregnancy lasts. Taking extra care of your hair after delivery is recommended to retain it and save your hairline.

In the list of 6 ways your body changes during pregnancy, it is good to note that not every pregnant woman will experience all and most of them usually last as long as the pregnancy continues. Try to enjoy what comes your way while it lasts!


#Please note that development differs from one child to another

# Content intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from your doctor.

Last reviewed January 2019

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