6 work relationship tips for today’s woman

Recently, Beth Nduta who works for a certain media company posted on one of the work Whatsapp groups that she would be leaving the company in a couple of weeks to pursue other interests.

The shock and disbelief that followed through the replies posted by her colleagues were evident-many were sad that she was leaving, but still happy for her that she was taking her career to another level.

“Thank you for your great leadership. I really do wish you all the very best in the next step in your journey. You are a great and kind soul.”

It has been a wonderful experience working with you. You are a great mentor.”

These are just some of the comments that were posted by her colleagues that show a cordial and good working relationship that Beth had cultivated for the years she had worked with the company.

Building good relationships at the workplace is very important for every woman who wants to grow from one level to the next in her career. Work needs to be a place to form friendships and connect with others since it is where people spend more time than any other location.

Building good working relationships is crucial to succeeding. Better working relationships lead to better teamwork and will help you to be happier, more engaged, and more productive. They are the foundation on which an individual succeeds.

The following tips can help you make the most of your relationships at work:

  • Ask for help

The simple act of letting someone know that you are looking to improve on a particular area can both put you on their radar and make them know that you are serious about improving and growing at work.

  • Offer your support in return

You should strive to build alliances with your colleagues and see yourself as a resource to them.

  • Focus on learning and not perfection
    Women often feel the need to prove themselves at the workplace before putting much attention toward building relationships that can help them advance. Put perfection aside for now and do a task assigned to you until you become perfect.
  • Think strategically and follow your conscience

Identifying which of your workplace pals can also double as a strategically does not make one opportunistic. However, don’t put effort into building an alliance with someone you dislike since there is a risk of mutual exploitation which won’t serve you or your growing network. You need to build relationships that serve you strategically, those that you can leverage to help you achieve your objective rather than just having a big network.

  • Be proactive and help where you can without being asked
    Where possible, offer your knowledge and experience to group tasks and find a way to help with the work your colleagues are undertaking. 
  • Make time for everybody, not just the senior stakeholders

There can be a tendency to focus all of your time and effort impressing more senior stakeholders, and a temptation to discount junior colleagues and tasks you deem to be of low importance. By establishing yourself as a reliable, helpful, and respectful member of the team among your junior colleagues as well as bosses and peers, you will go a long way to building long-lasting professional relationships.

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