7 New Born Baby Clothes Essential to Buy

Preparation for your newborn baby is nerve-racking. With some clothing such as sweaters, vests, dresses, and pants obvious, picking essentials that work for both for you and the baby should be prioritized. In this case, here are 7 types of items every newborn should own. 

  • Rompers/ Onesies / BodysuitsBodysuits are onesies or rompers for a newborn baby. They come in handy as they cover the whole body and are warm enough for comfort. When choosing newborn bodysuits, go for one that has press buttons or zippers, for shorter diaper change periods. Bigger bodysuits are recommended to ensure that contact with umbilical cord is minimized until it falls off. With newborns soiling clothing at least 5-6 times daily in their first month, having multiples is recommended for ease to put on and better yet easy to wash. 
  • HatsHats are essential as babies get cold very fast. With no way of regulating their temperatures, a cap will ensure that a baby does not lose heat from the head. It is essential to choose a variety of hats for cold season (winter) hats, which are weightier and summer hats which tend to be lighter.
  • Vests LayeringBabies get cold quickly and need to have layered clothes to stay warm. Vest layering makes it easy to remove and add clothing as your baby requires if it becomes too hot or cold. With newborns soiling clothes at least 5-6 times daily, having multiples is recommended.
  • Baby SocksEven with rompers that fully cover the leg, placing socks on your baby’s feet before putting on the clothing will keep them warmer. The socks will especially come in handy during diaper changes, as the feet will remain covered.
  • DiapersA newborn baby may need to be changed up to seven times daily. With diapers an important need, getting a number of packs is ideal. However, ensure that you check on how the diaper reacts with your baby to avoid allergies.
  • SweatersBaby sweaters are a baby essential clothing to get when shopping. With your baby lacking the ability to regulate temperature, a sweater will ensure warmth is offered during this time.
  • Sleepers/ PajamasBaby pajamas or sleepers are vital for sleep. With the day filled with layered pieces of clothing, pajamas are usually one piece of clothing that offers some degree of freedom to the baby’s legs. During night changes they come in handy, as with the press buttons (snaps) time for changes is minimized.
  • Moses Basket/ CribMoses basket is designed for a newborn for cozy sleeping. The confined space ensures babies feel safe and secure without smothering them. It is good to note that inside the Moses’ basket and cribs any loose blanketing and pillows should not be placed. This will ensure that sudden death syndrome due to suffocating is eliminated.
  • Baby Carrier/ StrollerWhen choosing a baby stroller, choose one that is made of hard material to keep baby’s body from folding. However, it should not have any solid hard surfaces. A hood is vital to ensure that the baby is protected from elements. 
  • Sleeping BagSleeping bags are highly advisable to use for babies under the age of three. With sudden death syndrome mainly due to too many blankets and clothing during sleep, a sleeping bag ensures that a baby is warm and secured due to its design. 
  • Car SeatsIn the age between a newborn till 2 years car seats should be rear facing. This ensures that the baby’s head is cradled correctly, and support for the neck is offered primarily in a crash.


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Last reviewed January 2019

Sources: kidshealth, parents, thebump

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