All You Need to Know About Bottle-Feeding- Formula

Breast milk is always highly recommended for its nutritious and natural immune boosting value. However, there are many reasons why a mother would have to formula-feed her little one. These reasons vary reasons based on lifestyle, medical issues, and comfort level. If you are considering feeding formula milk to your baby, here is what you need to know:  

What Is Formula Milk?

Infant formula is commercially prepared. It is a nutritious substitute of breastmilk and contains some nutrients and vitamins that a breastfed baby requires to get from supplements. It is important to use only formula prepared commercially if you opt not to breastfeed. Check out the various brands available on the market. 

How Much Formula to Feed Your Baby

You should feed your baby when he indicates signs of hunger. Before the age of 6 months, most babies drink an estimate of 150ml per kilogram of their body weight every day. 

Note that Every baby is different, and the amount they need may vary. 

It’s important to also note that formula is available in various age groups with a focus on the nutrients your child requires at certain age groups. 

Reasons for Formula Feeding

  • To reduce and monitor frequency of feeding. Formula-fed babies eat less often compared to breastfed babies considering formula milk is less digestible
  • When you are on certain medication
  • When your diet does not allow you to breastfeed
  • When your milk supply is not enough 
  • When breastfeeding is unbearably painful
  • Convenience of having your baby fed by the dad or other family members

How Do I Know My Baby Is Full? 

The formula packet has on it, instructions that explain how much milk to prepare depending on your baby’s age. On it you’ll also find the method required to prepare the milk. Formula milk, available in Kenya comes with added images to guide you through the process. 

 The amount of water may differ depending on the manufacturer so be careful not to assume, but rather follow the instructions. Here is a snippet of hat you can expect:

  • Freshly boil some water and cool it for 30 minutes 
  • Ensure that everything is clean and sterile (the area you’ll use, your hands, and the bottle)
  • Place the bottle on a clean flat surface
  • First pour the right amount of  boiled water (check measurements)
  • Then use the formula scoop to get the right amount 
  • Pour into the bottle the number of scoops as instructed
  • Close the bottle and shake thoroughly until the formula dissolves
  • Give your baby and throw away any left-overs

How Do I Know that My Baby Is Full and Gets Satisfied?

The most assured way to tell when your baby is full is by checking if:

  • They wet 6 or more nappies each day
  • They are active and happy

Their weight is increasing

How to Choose the Right Formula (depends on preference)

  • Check the type of milk used; cow, goat or plant
  • Check the level of protein –  some may opt for lower levels to avoid increased weight gain
  • Check for special formulas or as recommended by a doctor
  • Check the ingredients 
  • Check price

The difference between ‘Gold’ and standard formula is that ‘gold’ has a few extra ingredients such as probiotics and prebiotics, Lutein, Alpha, and LCPUFAs (DHA and AA). These ingredients may be beneficial but are not strictly essential for a baby.


#Please note that development differs from one child to another

# Content intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from your doctor.

# Be careful when using any products mentioned on this website. We hold no regulations for such products or their providers.

Last reviewed January 2019

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