Are women naturally less ambitious than men? Find out if this is true

During one of their chama get-together sessions, 27-year-old Ivy Mutuma, who is currently dating, expressed how she liked her boyfriend and treasured every moment they spent together.

However, something about him held her back.

“I love him, but he is not ambitious, motivated, or diligent, and I don’t know how we will handle this if we get married. I am one person who doesn’t like to be pushed and will go the extra mile to achieve great things in my career and studies,” says Ivy, who works as a sales representative.

“I find him too sluggish even when it comes to making important decisions that can better his life. I feel that a disconnect between us will somehow affect our marriage if we settle down together,” she adds.

Some of her friends advised her to let go of the relationship, warning that the man would be insecure and an obstacle to her dreams, others suggested that she holds onto the relationship and try to mold and inspire her boyfriend to be a better version of himself.

 Such a scenario begs the question, are women less ambitious than men?

For a long time, men have been viewed as the gender that is more ambitious compared to their female counterparts. However, in today’s modern society, this thought is changing since we now see many ambitious women who can juggle between career and family.

  • Ambitious women are far more dynamic and show a great desire to succeed.
  • Lack of ambition is not what holds women back.  
  • The cost of ambition and the struggle women face in pursuing their ambitions make women achieve less and not reach high levels as men.

An ambitious woman is strong, confident, and intelligent. She is always striving to reach a goal through her hard work, dedication, and perseverance. She does not give up. She is determined to succeed and pushes forward until she succeeds.

Five habits of ambitious women

Here are some habits every ambitious woman should portray:

  1. Setting goals and striving to achieve them: Ambitious women have a knack for setting goals, keeping the goals to themselves, and achieving them. Telling others about your goals may have the opposite effect than you intended. Because of our psychology, sharing our goals can give us the same satisfaction of accomplishing them without hard work. In other words, talking becomes a substitute for doing. So set some goals and be quiet about them. 
  2. Expose yourself to new ways of thinking: Most ambitious women are known for being original in their way of thinking. They come up with ideas, solutions, and start-ups unheard of, creative, and original. This can be done by challenging our way of thinking and thinking outside the box. The ambitious woman educates herself, talks to, and learns from people completely different from her. These experiences teach us to grow and view the world differently and generate our own opinions on how things ought to be. 
  3. Focus on execution: It may be good to research, prepare and plan, but without any action, nothing will happen. If you keep procrastinating your thoughts and ideas in the name of waiting for the right time, you will never accomplish your goals. An ambitious woman needs to be courageous and willing to take risks and make mistakes as she handles things and projects by herself.
  4. Not competing with others: An ambitious woman does not view others as competition since she is her own biggest competitor. She is not interested in the chase or winning the game but in being with someone who will challenge them to be better and grow every day. Each day, she will strive to be a better version of herself. She champions the success of other women while working on her own goals simultaneously. You will never have to compare yourself to others by always focusing on yourself. Everyone has their path to follow, and this is the drive and motivation to succeed. 
  5. Surround yourself with other ambitious people: Have people in your circle that are equally ambitious will push you as they are pushing themselves. There is a lot to learn from others in their ambitious journey. You get to share ideas and learn different aspects of life that can navigate our journey to becoming an ambitious woman.

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