Whether you are in a relationship with the mother to be or not, finding out that you are going to become a dad is bound to give you a myriad of thoughts and emotions. Your support and involvement throughout the pregnancy and birth period will determine how things turn out for both the mother and the baby. For this reason, this is not the time to panic but to get ready for the new title ‘dad’ and the responsibilities that come along with it. Below is more information on what to expect now that you are going to be a dad and how to deal with it. 

Offering Support

As soon as your partner is pregnant, it is time for you to be more supportive than you have ever been before. This is the time to fairly share the house chores and take the larger share whenever possible. Help your partner walk through the pregnancy phase in ways such as:

When it time for labor time, most mums love it when the father is around. Therefore, talk with her and make plans of what to expect when she goes into labour. Additionally, anticipate the positive and negative experiences of being parents, looking forward to the various baby milestones together. 

Coping With Your Feelings And Emotions

Although you are not the one carrying the baby, the idea of what you are soon going to be somebody’s father is enough to give you various feelings and emotions. This is especially because of the new responsibilities and changes that you will have, which you are at times not ready for. However, by talking and sharing your feelings and emotions with your partner and friends who you can trust, it is possible to manage and somewhat enjoy these emotions. 

Additionally, the situation may be tougher for you if your partner becomes disinterested in sex. With all the changes they are experiencing, it may become difficult to understand her needs and wants. In such cases, find other ways to remain close with your partner and talk about it to help you understand each other and find common ground. Read here on dad depression.

Coming Home After The Birth

After birth, it is likely that your partner will feel overwhelmed, tired, and in pain. For this reason, be ready to sacrifice yourself more or get help  from either family or a nanny for child care to assist around the house. You may want to have this help available before leaving for the hospital. This way, both your and the expectant mum plan well for it.. Additionally, brace yourself to help your partner deal with postnatal depression in case they are in such a case. 

Do not forget to take care of yourself as you could also suffer from depression at this time. Talk to your close friends and share your feelings with your partner. This way, your new life as a dad will become a walk in the park in no time. 


#Please note that development differs from one child to another


# Content intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from your doctor


Last reviewed January 2019

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