Best Way and Time to Announce Your Pregnancy

When you get a positive pregnancy test result, there is an urge to want the whole world to know that you will soon become a mother. As much as this is good news, it can be both scary and confusing. However, before getting too carried away, here are some pointers you may want to consider before you spill the beans.

When and How Do You First Announce the Pregnancy?

If you have been trying to have a baby and you finally realize that you are pregnant, then your partner should be the first person to tell. You can later inform your close friends and relatives, especially those that may be uncomfortable in case they learned about your pregnancy through other means. In case you have no partner around, tell the news to those people that you feel will offer support during this time.

In case the pregnancy was unexpected, it’s important that you inform your partner and then try to figure out a way forward together. If they are not involved, you could get a close friend to help walk with you through the process. However, in case the person you are informing about your pregnancy is not in a position to have their own baby, you may need to be sensitive when breaking the news to them..

Telling Your Employer and Colleagues

More often than not, most mothers-to-be fear to tell their employer that they are pregnant in fear of losing jobs. However, unless advised otherwise by your doctor, you are safe to continue working when pregnant. In fact ,there are is a law that protects you when working while pregnant. Article 27 of the Kenyan constitution prohibits discrimination against pregnancy, and every woman is entitled to 90 days paid parental leave. Sharing your pregnancy information with your boss and colleagues will help ensure that such rules are followed. 

In most cases, most mothers wait until the end of the first trimester to announce the news. Some of the reasons for this are such as:

  • Risk of miscarriage-  while most miscarriages occur during the first trimester, most mothers wait till the end of this time to ensure that the child is safe.
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss- if you have lost other pregnancies before, you may hesitate to break the news to other people in fear of disappointment.
  • First prenatal visit- while the first prenatal visit is mainly done after the first trimester, most mothers prefer to break the news than when they have had some ultrasounds and are sure about the general health of the baby.  



#Please note that development differs from one child to another

# Content intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from your doctor.

Last reviewed January 2019

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