Boy or Girl- Can you Choose Before Conception?

When you finally make the decision to conceive, the next question that might come to mind is whether to try for a boy or girl. This is an age old question that has been discussed both scientifically and traditionally through history. Is it possible to influence the outcome of conception to get a boy or girl? Let’s explore

Trying for A Boy

There are different methods that have been recommended that increase your chances of having a boy. These are:

  • Billing Method-This involves getting very familiar with your cervical mucus and having intercourse during your most fertile time. This is usually when the cervical mucous is egg white in color. Having sex on this day, for one, is thought to increase the chances of getting a boy.
  • Shettles Method– This method works on the assumption that the male sperm is smaller, lighter and quicker than the female sperm thus reach the egg faster. Their survival is also shorter. The steps to follow as recommended in Shettles method are:
    • Chart your cycle and have sex on the actual day of ovulation.
    • Have sex in positions that allow for deep penetration. This is thought to increase the chances of survival through the vaginal opening which is mostly more acidic.
    • Ensure that the female partner has an orgasm. This alkalizes the vagina further, increasing the chances of survival for the male sperm.
    • Eating mostly alkaline foods as it is thought that the male sperm thrives in an alkaline environment.
    • Avoid intercourse before ovulation.
    • Eating potassium-rich foods like bananas
    • Using prediction calendar to influence the sex of the baby

Trying for A Girl

You can increase the chances of having a girl by using the Shettles method as well. It’s, however, advised, that you should avoid sex during ovulation and instead have it two to four days before ovulation.

  • Picking positions that limit the depth of penetration
  • Avoid an orgasm
  • Eating foods that are acidic
  • Have sex more times

Myths Surrounding Gender Assignment During Conception

A different view exists among fertility specialists that casts a shadow around gender assignment during conception. They claim:

  • No intervention can be made to increase the chance of conceiving either a boy or a girl that is sufficiently backed by science or medicine.
  • Gender of your child is purely dictated by chance where both xx chromosomes and xy chromosomes have a 50/50 chance.

This is a debate that is on-going and will perhaps go on for generations. For now, there does not exist a concrete way to get a boy or girl.


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Last reviewed March 2019 

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