Coping with Your New Baby- for Dads

Becoming a new dad can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Unless you’ve been through it, nothing can prepare you for the challenges that come with having a newborn. Changes start immediately your baby is brought home after delivery and these may seem frightening and even frustrating. Read more on what happens 24 hours after birth. Let’s look at some ways you can use to cope with some of these challenges.

Coping with Relationship Changes

Your relationship with your spouse is bound to change. This is because you are no longer just the two of you. You now have a baby that is taking up most of her time. Feelings of loneliness will often creep in and you may be left feeling as though your child has become more important than you. You can deal with these feelings in the following ways;

  • Being hands on with the care of the baby
  • Make time to talk to your spouse
  • Listen and try to understand your spouse’s perspective
  • Avoid criticism or blame when tensions are high.
  • Make time to review plans and change with things as you adjust to life with your new baby.
  • Be patient with the changes that come with your sex life. Try to understand the state of mind that your wife is in if she doesn’t quite feel up to it. Be supportive and freely talk about your frustrations and feelings when it comes to your new sex life.

Getting More Involved in Your New Family

Getting involved is probably the best way to deal with stresses that come along with a new baby. This often avoids the feelings of being left out in your home: You can get more involved by:

  • Take turns caring for your baby-Take turns feeding and changing your baby. If your partner is breast feeding sometimes volunteer to bottle feed expressed milk to your baby.
  • Play with your baby-Your wife will often provide low tone physical stimulus to your baby but your involvement which often include noisy and physically involving play will help with further development of your baby and bonding.
  • Be affectionate-Be more affectionate with your partner. Offer hugs and kisses if she is up to it. Readily comfort each other during hard days. This will bridge any gaps that would have caused friction in your relationship.
  • Ask for help-Consider joining a group of new dads that could offer insights into the changes that you experience when you have a new baby and how to best deal with them.

With this change of status from being just a man to a dad it is important for you to familiarize yourself with your new rule for the benefit of your family and your baby.


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Last reviewed April 2019

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