Early Childhood Intervention 

It is every parent’s wish that their children are born and grow up healthy and strong. This is, however, not the case for all families. You are likely to find cases of children who have either physical, mental or behavioral disabilities. Despite your great love for such children, taking care of them is easier said than done. It’s for this reason that support systems such as Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) have been put up to help you and your family raise your child. Let’s look deeper into Early Childhood Intervention and where you can get the services in Kenya. 

What is Early Childhood Intervention?

Early childhood intervention is an educational and support system for infants and young children with issues of disability and development delays. It aims at ensuring that parents of such children provide them with opportunities and experiences that help them develop the skills that they need for them to engage normally in their everyday lives. The early childhood development intervention defines disability as a physical, intellectual, sensory or behavioral problem that interferes with development. On the other hand, development delay is a case where a child lacks to have the skills that they are supposed to have at a certain age. 

Services Offered by Early Childhood Intervention

Ideally, the main purpose of ECI is to help out with specialist services such as:

  • Therapy services such as speech pathology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy
  • Flexible development education programs 
  • Supporting families to help their child’s development 
  • Information and advice that address the specific needs of the child 
  • Assistance with transition to school 
  • Support to improve access and participation in community services like childcare
  • Linking the said families to services and providing access and coordination of services

How Do You Know when a Child Needs ECI?

More often than not, the parent is the one who refers their child to Early Childhood Intervention. This is after or when they realize there is something wrong with them. However, other people such as pediatricians, child health services, and general practitioners may also refer your child with your consent. 

Some of the conditions that may need ECI are such as:

Children with developmental delays and other risks associated with factors such as low birth weight are also good candidates of ECI. 

Where to find ECI Services

Some of the known ECI services in Kenya are such as Nairobi Early Intervention and Daycare Center, Kanco Early Development Child Care, First Steps Intervention in Karen, and Kaizora in Nairobi, among others.

ECI services are best given to children in the places where they live. It is then advised that you approach ECI services near you using the ECI program search tool. 


#Please note that development differs from one child to another

#Content intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from your doctor.

Last reviewed January 2019

Sources: ecia, britannica, texas, wikipedia

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