Every Woman should keep their ambition up despite challenges – Here’s Why

When 42-year-old Mercy Mwende secured a job as a sales representative in a local bank ten years ago, she never dreamt that she would be a bank branch manager one day.

While performing her duties, she remained diligent and worked extremely hard to ensure that she made a lot of sales that would see her earn a lot of bonuses.

“The sales job wasn’t easy, but I had a passion for it. Wooing clients and closing deals are what made the job exciting. But coupled with that, I had to be on my toes to ensure that I got these clients so as to earn a good package by the end of the month,” says Mwende.

In a span of two years, her boss noticed her commitment and hard work and gave her a promotion.

From a sales representative, she grew to become a relationship officer, a post that she also served diligently before she took up the position of branch manager.

Mwende was simply ambitious, and her determination to rise through the ranks was fueled by her passion and zeal to achieve the best in her career and life.

Who is an ambitious woman?

An ambitious woman always strives to reach a goal. Through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, an ambitious woman doesn’t give up. 

She is bound to encounter several challenges at the workplace or in other different places in society. Women are stereotypically regarded as the weaker sex hence people may tend to take advantage of them by denying them the chance to scale the heights. 

Sexual harassment at the workplace, gender bias, and male dominance where some employers prefer males to occupy top positions at the expense of women are all challenges women face that may hinder their growth.

However, if you push forward, work harder and are determined to succeed, you will definitely break the glass ceiling, something that we have seen numerous women do.

Here are some effective ways you can adopt to be more ambitious:

  • Set goals

The first thing (and probably one of the most vital things) you need to do is set some SMART goals for yourself. Give yourself targets to hit and record every milestone reached. The essence of the goals is to motivate you to keep moving forward, which is exactly what ambition is all about. 

  • Take risks

Another important step that may seem daunting- is taking risks. An ambitious person doesn’t hold back from taking risks or making mistakes. In the end, those risks could pay off. Being ambitious means going after your desires and reaching your goals. It is pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and doing what you weren’t doing before. The more you push yourself, the more fulfilled you will become, and the closer you will be to achieving your ambitious goals. 

  • Invest in yourself

You are your most valuable investment. Advancing yourself isn’t just about spending money. Take time for yourself and for your wellness. Get eight hours of sleep and work out four to five times a week. Make yourself a priority if you want others to see you as one.

  • Eliminate negative thoughts and promote positive ones

Is there a bigger enemy than negativity? We think none, both from the outside world and from within. Negativity only holds you back. It casts a big, dark cloud over your ambitious targets. Don’t tear yourself or your work apart. Expel it. Don’t compare yourself with others. Instead, work on yourself and your goals and what you want to accomplish and keep that end in sight. 

Thoughts affect how you feel and, consequently, how you work. We all have a persistent train of thoughts in our minds. Some are positive and others, negative. Negative thoughts create emotional barriers such as doubt and fear. However, positive ones can help you to move forward. They could motivate you to experiment with something new, step out of your comfort zone and get excited about life.

  • Don’t procrastinate

If you keep postponing things, you will never accomplish your goals. Being ambitious means pushing yourself and fighting for what you want. It means not taking no for an answer. Remember, you have your whole life ahead of you, and there is no use waiting for it to happen. You have to make things happen. 

  • Surround yourself with ambitious people

It is essential that you surround yourself with people who will lift you up, people who will push you the way they push themselves, and people who know what they want from life and are willing to go for it. Often, you’ll surround yourself with people who share similar qualities and habits, so if you want to keep working towards your goals, you need people around you who are doing the same. 

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