Five Effective Ways to Manage Burnout

Pressure arising from multitasking, heavy workloads, and unmet deadlines is common among most business people. The situation gets worse for women trying to balance between work, household management, being a mother, and a wife. 

Most people experiencing burnout feel helpless, resentful, and cynical. Generally, it is impossible to be productive in such a state. Nearly 80% of employees experience burnout, but most do not realize this until they start having numerous health problems. 

How can you tell that one is suffering from burnout, and how do you manage it? Read on for this and more information.

Signs and Symptoms of Burnout

  • Extreme fatigue throughout
  • Frequent migraines or muscle pain
  • Change in appetite
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Frequent illnesses due to lowered immunity
  • Detachment from others
  • Increased pessimism
  • Low motivation
  • Abandoning responsibilities
  • Using alcohol, drugs, or food to cope
  • Procrastinating

How to Manage Burnout

There are numerous ways you can manage burnout and Get Your Life Back to Normal. These are:

  • Seek Support

Social contact goes a long way in reducing stress. When you feel burned out, turn to a person with good listening skills. Admitting to another person that you are burned out is a great step toward managing the situation. 

Although the person listening may not give you a solution to your problem, their listening will help release all the negative feelings and thoughts within. It is also essential that you develop friendships with your coworkers. This way, you will have people to talk to who may be in a similar situation. 

  • Make Changes Possible

If burnout arises from work-related factors, discuss the issue with your employer. You can highlight some of the tasks you feel are too much to handle and request to have them assigned to somebody else. On the other hand, if your burnout is home-related, approach your partner and other persons living there and discuss any changes you may prefer. Also, decline new responsibilities until you are done with the pending ones.

  • Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

This includes getting physical activities you can engage in, such as hitting the gym, running, and swimming. Exercise reduces stress, boosts your mood, and improves general health. 

Secondly, engage in relaxing activities like yoga, tai chi, and meditation to help relieve stress. Adopting a healthy balanced diet is also part of managing burnout. Lastly, get enough sleep to relax further.

  • Change Your Attitude 

Did you know that you could be the reason behind your burnout through a negative attitude? If you find life too hard and unbearable every day, you are most likely headed towards burnout. In other cases, the negative attitude could lead to depression. Therefore, change your attitude and start seeing the positive things in life. Additionally, strive to evade anything that demotivates you. 

  • Fight Burnout and Restore Your Normal Life 

It is important to look at what may be causing burnout when managing burnout. Emotionally and physically demanding jobs that leave you with little or no personal time will cause burnout. Taking some time off from work, building better social relationships, and evaluating your priorities are great steps in managing burnout. If the burnout persists regardless of your adjustments, consider working with a professional.

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