Four Tips to Help You Balance Motherhood and Work

Being a mom is as exciting as it is exhausting. Managing to keep your bundle of joy happy and comfortable is a tiring task, and when you add work into the equation, life can get even tougher. 

Fortunately, balancing motherhood and work is only complicated but not impossible. Others have done it before, and you can also do it. All you need is to brace yourself with the right tips on handling motherhood and work without failing any side. Read on for these tips; 

  • Set a Routine 

Setting a routine is key to succeeding in almost everything, and this case is of no exemption. The most challenging part of a routine is beginning it, but it saves you a lot of time and stress once it gets into your system. Therefore, strive to develop this routine that balances your mom and career responsibilities. 

Your routine doesn’t have to be similar to your friend’s, so don’t try to force it. You can set the alarm to remind you of the time the routine starts. Don’t worry if getting your kids into a routine is complicated, especially if they are young. They will catch up with time. 

Moreover, set a routine that does not inconvenience your colleagues if you rely on each other when working. 

  • Assign Chores and Accept Help 

Although the common saying that ‘mama knows best’ is true, it has brought burnout to many women. Sure, it is satisfying to handle your duties yourself both at home and at work. However, pushing yourself too far will cause more harm than good. 

Therefore, be open to accepting help. When your husband, older children, or other relatives offer to do some chores, don’t discourage them. Instead, allow them to help you and use this time to do something else or relax.

Additionally, assign chores whenever possible, especially in your workplace. You can also ask your boss to take some chores off your shoulders if they are too much for you to handle. 

  • Limit Distraction 

When you are a working mom, your family and job are your priority. For this reason, you cannot afford to encourage any distractions at the expense of these priorities. For instance, limit spending too much time on your phone or with your friends for unproductive reasons. 

Additionally, fight laziness as much as you can. Moreover, strive to avoid procrastination at your workplace. Plan your day as soon as you get to work and ensure you finish all these tasks before you leave. 

Nevertheless, limiting distractions does not stop you from having some time to relax. However, ensure that this time does not negatively affect your work or family, and do it in moderation.

  • Avoid Multitasking work and 

Sure, women are said to be skilled in multitasking. However, multitasking can cost you your bond with your children in some cases. 

Think about it this way; you see your kid for about an hour before leaving for work. You leave her with the babysitter or in daycare for about eight working hours. By the time you get home, your baby is only about 2 hours away from bedtime. 

If you insist on spending these 2 hours with your baby as you prepare dinner, your baby may feel like they have a distant mother. On the other hand, if you are working and taking care of your kid at the same time, you can expect several complaints from your boss which can cost you your job. Therefore, even when you feel like you can manage it, strive to avoid multitasking. 

You Can Be a Perfect Mom and a Successful Career Woman

Navigating through the demands and responsibilities of being a working mother is no piece of cake. Even if you are feeling stretched in all directions, it is possible to get a balance and make life easier. Make your partner a close friend and work together through the simple and difficult days for better balance. 

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