How Your Family Changes After the Birth of Your Child

Every family member generally adapts to the idea of a new member even before a child is born. A room is allocated for the newborn in some homes, and in others as in the case of many homes in Nairobi, the baby will share space in his/her parents’ bedroom. Now, when you bring your bundle of joy home, a lot of things change in an instant. Your family automatically adjust to include an invalid, being the new mom and the new member of the family. This often involves changes in schedules, diet and hygiene. Let’s explore this further;

Key Changes when The Baby Is First Brought Home

  • Parents – You will be immediately transformed to parents, a status that may seem peculiar to you. The addition of a third person might mean a shift in responsibilities, just as your focus also shifts to your baby. Reorganization of logistics on how to best take care of the baby is often necessary. This can put a strain on you and your relationship with your spouse, if you’re married. 
  • Schedules– In families that have other sibling’s schedules may seem to be taken over by the new baby. Everyone will have to adjust to mums new schedule and deal with the possibility of not getting enough attention from her. Dads here can be great for feeling in the gap, especially if the family has other small children. Read more on coping with a new baby for dads.
  • FoodA new diet may be made to suit mums needs. If she will be breastfeeding, then she will be the sole source of food for the baby. This might involve the whole family changing their diet as well to support the new mother. Meal times could also change to accommodate mum’s new schedule. If you are a family that likes to eat at the table, you may have to adjust to the absence of mum or dad if the new baby needs urgent attending,
  • Other children– How your children react to your newborn baby often depends on their ages. Older children react well to the changes but younger siblings, especially in the toddler stage, could complicate things. Learning how to introduce your newborn to your other children will go a long way in easing some of the tensions.
  • Your extended familySpouses that have newborn babies tend to focus on the new arrival. This may sometimes cause the extended family to feel ignored or left out. This is especially true for the new grandparents who were, perhaps, used to getting attention from their children. It is important then, to prepare your extended family and if possible incorporate them into your life by allowing them to help out with the changes of life that will happen. This should resolve any feelings of being left out too.

Change is inevitable. Handling these changes swiftly will enable the family to adjust quickly and move forward with life after the newborn without causing unnecessary strain.


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Last reviewed April 2019

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