Important Tips for Dressing your Baby

We all cherish those beautiful baby clothes, right? Dressing your newborn is mostly about good preparation. Although having a fashion sense may be ideal, other factors are essential for your little one. Let’s look at some basics that may help.

Getting Clothes for Your Newborn

Remember that your baby will be happiest when he feels comfortable and warm.  You need to have enough outfits for your baby to last you through the cold season when they take much longer to dry. Keep in mind that your financial status plays a major role in the types of clothes you choose for your baby. Read more on Newborn clothing essentials to buy here.

When choosing outfits for your newborn, consider the following essential factors:

  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Safety

Shopping for Outfits

Most babies between 0-3 months wear size 000. On the other hand, babies between 3-6 months wear size 00. You should be able to see this on the tag when out shopping. Whether you’re going for second hand or new, try not to buy too many small ones as the will soon outgrow them. Here’s a chart to guide you on outfit sizes.

Dressing for Bed

This may seem unnecessary but there are a lot of considerations you need to keep in mind before making your choice:

  • Dress your infant in enough warm outfits so that he doesn’t feel cold incase he rolls away from the blankets
  •  Ensure that your baby’s head and face are uncovered to ease his breathing
  • When he’s in bed with you, dress him in fewer clothes, as your body may keep him warm

Dressing for the cold weather

  • Dress him as you’re dressed-then add him an additional layer
  • Ensure that your baby’s arms, and legs are covered 
  • Put on him a hat or hood that covers his ears

Dressing for hot weather

  • Cover his head with a light hat
  • Reduce some layers
  • Use lighter fabrics
  • Protect his eyes with sunglasses

Dressing up your baby

  • Choose simple outfits with features such as snaps for better diapering and dressing
  • Bunch up your baby’s dress or shirt into a ‘doughnut’ before pulling it over their heads
  • Roll your baby on the side when moving clothes under him
  • While pulling a zipper up, consider guarding it away from the baby’s skin
  • If you want to fasten your baby’s clothing, sit him up with support
  • Use a disposable liner to cover the changing surface for his diapers

Undressing your baby

  • Start at your baby’s head and gently loosen and slide the cloth over his body
  • Support his body and head with one hand while lifting him to reposition the outfits
  • Gently loosen or rearrange the outfits until they are easier to remove them
  • When turning your baby on his side, ensure that you support his weight


Please note that development differs from one child to another. Content intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from your doctor.

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Last reviewed January 2019

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