Managing Low Self-Esteem While Pregnant

Images from baby advertising ads on billboards and magazines usually depict the image of a woman who is having fun during her pregnancy. The glowing skin and perfectly shaped belly usually plays into the narrative that being pregnant is beautiful. This is, however, not always the case. In some women, pregnancy comes with unsightly acne, skin darkening and a lot more that is far away from a perfect image. Expecting perfection can easily cause low self-esteem. Read more on changes during pregnancy. So how do you cope? Let’s see how:

Ways to Help with Low Self-Esteem While Pregnant

  • Try to do a little exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. This is a great way to improve mood and boost self-esteem.
  • Watch what foods you eat and keep yourself as healthy as possible. Try to get enough sleep as well.
  • Get new interests or keep chasing the hobbies that you enjoy.
  • Spend time and invest in the people in your life more. This is a sure way to pick up your self-esteem.
  • Talk it out with family or friends or a counsellor when you have any concerns about being a new mum. This is known to be a common low trigger for self-esteem.
  • Listen to advice but don’t take it all in because different women experience different things during pregnancy.
  • Treat yourself well. Taking warm baths and activities such as manicures can be great to boost self-esteem.

Managing Self-Esteem After Pregnancy

Once you have had your bundle of joy, you may not feel like your body is in its best shape. Such feelings may lower your self-esteem. Doing the following may help you feel better;

  • Take a walk during the first months of delivery after your body has healed from delivery. This is a good start in reclaiming your self-esteem.
  • Play catch-up with old friends.
  • Join groups for new mums who go through similar challenges. This is a good way to understand and monitor your triggers. 
  • Gradually ease yourself into exercise. Exercising boost hormones that are good for your mood.
  • Take it easy on yourself and remember that you just brought life into the world, a great thing.
  • Learn to love your new body and any scars that you may have. These are proof of the incredible work you did, carrying a pregnancy to term and going through labour and delivery.

 In both pregnancy and postpartum getting spiritual is a great way to relieve any feelings of inadequacy and also gives you the insight that what you just went through is beautiful.


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Last reviewed March 2019

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