The discovery of pregnancy is mostly welcomed among couples. In some cases however due to personal choices or medical complications, a pregnancy may be lost. Now, when a couple decides to try and conceive again, the baby born is referred to as a rainbow baby.

Is It Possible to Get Pregnant After an Abortion?

Abortions that have been carried out by medics barely affect the fertility of a woman. The ovulation process usually continues unhindered and often results in pregnancy. However, abortions carried out illegally in back street facilities may lead to possible infertility. Common effects of illegal and unsafe abortions include:

  • Infection– Doctors or quacks who perform unsafe abortions may not clean the uterus well which often result in life threatening infections which could destroy the uterus rendering them barren.
  • Hemorrhage– Excessive bleeding during the procedure may result in loss of life or the destruction of a woman reproductive system ruining her chances of ever getting pregnant.

Without complications caused by an abortion, it is possible to conceive normally.

When Can I Start Trying to Conceive?

Although it is possible to conceive 7-10 days post abortion doctors advice that women who have gone through the trauma of an abortion give their bodies time to recover. This often takes up to three months.

If you had a surgical abortion or a D and C (Dilation and curettage) procedure, your doctor may advice you to wait for at least a month to allow your uterus to repair. 

If your abortion was late that is it was carried out in the second or third trimester you may be required to wait longer for your body to recover. Additional supplements such as folic acid may be recommended to reduce the chances of a neural tube deficiency in your next pregnancy.

Precautions to Take when Trying to Conceive Post Abortion

Follow up-Have a detailed fertility checkup from your gynecologist to ensure that your reproductive system is ready for conception.

  • Cervix checkup-Your cervix may be weak especially if you have had multiple abortions, your doctor may treat this by stitching or recommending kegel exercises.
  • Dealing with trauma-Dealing with the psychological trauma of having an abortion will often need the intervention of a counsellor to help you work through feelings of guilt and blame in order to have a successful pregnancy.

Although a taboo topic, abortions which are done in good facilities often pose no risk towards fertility and are safe for the mother. So if you have been considering having another baby, go ahead and try again.


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Last reviewed March 2019

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