After having been through the ups and downs of being pregnant, you are finally in your last month of pregnancy. You can use the due calculator to tell how far you are from holding your little bundle of joy in your arms. At this time, be patient and reduce the anxiety as you will be holding your little one any time now. However, even in this final month, your baby will still make some developments, not to mention other pregnancy symptoms that you will have this month.

Below is comprehensive information on what you expect as you embark on your final journey to pregnancy between weeks 36-40.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms at Nine Months

The final moments of your pregnancy are as hard as they are exciting. As much as your time of time is now so close, you are always too uncomfortable especially due to the protruded belly. It is hard for you to sleep comfortably as well as to eat without having heartburns. Other pregnancy symptoms that you will have at this time are such as:

  • Mucus plug being expelled
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Leaky breasts
  • Pelvic pressure
  • Increased hair growth on your face
  • Fewer baby movements
  • Easier for you to breath unlike your eighth month
  • Purple or red colored varicose veins
  • Backache as the uterus is adding pressure on the lower back
  • Braxton Hicks contractions are now more prominent

It is normal to feel unprepared and anxious at this time since you are expecting to have your baby at any time now. However, try to keep your mind occupied in other activities such as learning how to take care of the baby. Reduce stress at this time to help you ensure that you complete your pregnancy term.

Some of the situations that you need to be prepared for now are such as:

  • Your baby may not wait for the due date for it to be born and could arrive any time now
  • Your waters will break any day now. This will not be a sudden splash of water on the floor but a liquid trickling down your legs.
  • You will go into labour

Your Baby at Nine Months Pregnant

Your baby is currently fully developed and is the size of a leek. Most of the organs are well matured and are ready for life outside the womb. They will now weigh between 2.5-4 kg and a measure between 45-55cm.

Week by week development 

Week 36

Your baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce. Their current weight is about 18.75 inches and weighs about 2.26 kg. Your baby is also shedding the downy hair that covered the skin as they get ready for birth. 

Week 37

Your baby’s lungs are almost mature but they are not ready for birth yet. Weighs about 2.72kg and is 19.25 inches long. He’s now the size of a canary melon. 

Week 38

Most of the organs are matured and are ready for life outside the womb. They also have a firm grasp which you will realize after he is born. Your baby now weighs about 3 kg, is about 19.5 inches long and is the size of a leek. 

Week 39

Baby is the size of a mini watermelon. He is also building up a layer of fat to help them cope with the temperature after birth. They weigh about 3.28 kg and are about 20 inches long. 

Baby Movements and Positioning

The baby will retain the head-down position which they had when you were eight months pregnant to get ready for birth. In case the baby had not attained the position before, this is the ideal time to attain it. Their movements are also restricted since there is not enough room in the womb. However, they may still be few leg and arm movements which you may feel under your ribs.

See what to expect during labour and delivery.


Please note that development differs from one child to another. Content intended for educational purposes only, and not a substitute for medical advice from your doctor.

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Last reviewed March 2019 

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