Rules for Visiting a New Mum

You may have walked with your expectant friend through her pregnancy journey, an even shared in all the highs and lows of the process. When the baby finally arrives you are most likely just as excited to see your friend and her new bundle of joy. Unfortunately visiting a new mum requires more than a pack-up-and-go affair. There are certain rules that you need to consider before you visit her.

Wait for An Invitation

  • Try not to take it personally as your friend may want to enjoy time with her new bundle of joy alone. She needs time to focus on her own body and healing through the process of delivery and may not be strong enough to host guests. Read more on changes that occur 24 hours after birth.


  • Always carry a gift. It is recommended that you carry something that a new mom may need, preferably in bulk. Consider gifts such as diapers and wipes as these are used on a daily basis.  If it is impossible for whatever reason to get a gift, you can carry an envelope with an equivalent cash value as the gift you were thinking of buying.

Be Useful on Your Visit

  • Even if she has a nanny, volunteer to do some chores like cleaning the dishes or helping out with what needs to be done. This often helps a new mum to relax because she already has enough to contend with. This will also give her one less thing to worry about.

Do Not Eat Her Food

  • This is a cardinal rule. New mums have special diets that are designed for their recovery and to increase breast milk production. Eating her food will hurt this process. Instead consider getting her something you know she will enjoy and is beneficial to her during the recovery process.

Mind Your Health and Hygiene

  • Always wash your hands with antibacterial soap when dealing with a new mum and her baby. If you are sick with any infectious disease like the flu, consider staying away till you are completely healed.

Don’t Insist on Holding the Baby

  • Realize that she may not want her precious baby to be handled by any one. Motherly instincts kick in immediately she receives her bundle of joy and she may not want anyone else to handle her. Be understanding. Unless  she offers it to you, be receptive to the fact that she may or may not need your assistance

Following these rules should make your visit with the new mum a pleasant experience. Keep her company and enjoy the new baby.


Please note that development differs from one child to another. 

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Last reviewed April 2019

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