You and your partner have finally made the decision to try for a baby. All contraceptives are discarded, and your fertility chart is up to date. All internet-based research and advice from those who have tried and conceived successfully are at your fingertips. Now all that remains is several nights of passion, or perhaps just one and voila! So then, how many nights of passion are ideal to conceive?

How Much Sex Does It Really Take to Conceive?

With all the advice available on effective ways to conceive, this question is perhaps the most vital. It is recommended that during this time you put sex as your topmost priority be as optimistic and positive-minded as you can.

This recommendation considers that although a woman is born with all her eggs, your partner needs to manufacture more sperm after every ejaculation. Giving him enough time to recharge his reserves is considered to be a good idea.

Different research also claims that an increase in sexual activity among couples who are trying to conceive makes the female body start preparing for conception. A mind-body connection is mostly behind this.

How to Increase Frequency

Scheduled sex or sex to achieve an outcome can sometimes become a burden. Often times couples start flowing with the motions with no effort or thought to go into the act, thereby making it boring. It, however, doesn’t have to be this way. The following tips can help in increasing the frequency without necessarily being a task:

  • Change locations– Experimenting with different rooms in your house, booking a hotel or experimenting with unconventional locations can help you increase the frequency.
  • Communication– Keep talking to your partner, non-verbal cues like holding hands can go a long way in triggering desire.
  • Switch up the time of day– With today’s schedules having sex towards the end of the day is the norm. There is nothing wrong with sometimes having sex first thing in the morning or during lunch breaks.
  • Foreplay– It may have started out as boring scheduled sex but the addition of foreplay often makes the couples forget about what they are trying to achieve and enjoy their moment together.
  • Experiment with roles– this is one of the best ways to break the monotony with couples acting out roles that they consider interesting. A patient and nurse scenario could work miracles.

The key thing to always remember is although you have a desirable outcome in mind, challenges such as infertility and other options of conception may pop up. With that in mind,  don’t let it take the fun out of trying to conceive.


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Last reviewed March 2019 

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