Significant Milestones for A 5 Months Old Baby

Congratulation! You’re 5 months old!  With no vaccines scheduled for this month, you probably only had his weight and height checked. Most boys around this age weigh about 7.4kgs while girls averagely weigh 6.7kgs. Read more about Immunization schedules here.

At 5 months your baby is so adorable and has a lot of affection to show. They may stretch out their arms as you approach so that you can pick them up. They may also melt your heart by putting their pudgy arms around your neck. Other great milestones you can expect this month include:

Taste – the baby is curious to know how something tastes and so, they will try and put almost every object in their mouth.

Sight – they can recognize a variety of objects, either small or moving.

Sitting – at this age, the muscles become stronger and the baby progresses from just laying on the back to sitting upright. Cushions can help to prop the baby up.

Sleep – the baby is likely to sleep through the night. Ensure that there is an established sleeping routine each night as this helps the baby to relax.

Cognitive skills – responds affectionately with a smile and can recognize familiar faces and things.

Various Ways to Help the Baby Develop

You can help your 5 months old baby to develop in various ways. Here are some of them:-

  • Move the baby’s legs in a v- shape and in a sitting position to help in balance him and put cushions nearby for support. Then place toys in front of the baby to play with.
  • Encourage the baby to pass an object from one hand to the other by themselves
  • To improve their movement and balance in preparation for crawling, rock and swing the baby side to side.
  • Bounce up toys and try to get that shriek laughter out of them.
  • Place a toy at a reasonable distance and allow the baby to reach for it.
  •  Speak to the baby as often as possible as this will enable the baby to pick up easy words.
  •  Introduce the baby to new people every now and then so as to boost their social skills and stimulate long-term memory.
  • To stimulate the baby’s brain and eyes, you can introduce illustrated coloured books for viewing.

Signs that Should Raise a Red Flag

The following signs may be an indication that your baby is delaying in growth and development.

  • Not responding to sounds – even if the baby might not understand what you are talking about, they will turn their head when you speak. This shows an interest to whoever is talking to the baby. If the baby does not respond then it could be a sign that they have a hearing problem.
  • Poor hand grip – At this age, the baby should have a good hand grip. If the hands seem disconcertingly floppy and weak it means that the muscles are not well developed.
  • Awkward movements – The baby needs to have quality tummy time but if they show signs of stiffness, it is an indication that the muscles might probably be having problems.
  • Lack of affection towards the parents – When a baby sees their parents, a broad smile and joy should certainly show. Zero expression towards parents, no smile or alertness can be a sign of developmental delay.
  • Poor speech – Gurgles and babbles shows that a baby is growing well. However, lack of coos or if the baby is quiet most of the time could be a sign of speech impairment.

Generally, babies grow at different paces. Do not be too alarmed if your baby does not show an achievement at the expected stage. Also, do not force the baby to do any activity. Have patience or consult a doctor when need be.



Development differs from one child to another

Content intended for informational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from your doctor.

Last reviewed- January 2019

Sources: bounty, momjunction

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