Signs of Non-inclusivity of Women in the Workplace- and how to deal with them

Are you getting opportunities that reflect your capabilities? Do you know you too have a role to play in implementing change and creating a more inclusive work environment? 

We’ll share signs of non-inclusive behaviour in the workplace and how to deal with them. 

  • Deal with marginalising behaviour

These behaviours can include ageism, pet names, over-explaining and gender-biassed language.

Call out these behaviours if and when you see them in meetings or in the workplace.

  • Be more decisive with your words

When you are presenting an idea or suggesting a change on a project, instead of saying ‘ I think we should do x ‘ say ‘we should do x’. 

It makes you sound more confident and lessens the chance of your comment being put up for interpretation. It’s a game changer.

  • Challenge pay inequity

Many women rarely negotiate their pay. If you are in control of pay, be clear and open about paying equitably. If you are in a position to coach other women on this skill, do so.

  • Save apologies for when you really need them

Save your ‘ I’m sorry’ for when you really need it. Instead of saying ‘ I’m sorry’ when you knock on the boss’s door, ask them if they have a minute. Instead of apologising for being late for lunch, thank them for waiting.

Save apologies for when you really need to apologise.

  • Advocate for yourself and ask for what you want.

No one is going to speak up for you including other women. If you want something, a raise, promotion, that cool project, ask for it and keep asking until you get it.

You are worth it.

  • Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back

Remember that you got the job over other people. You interviewed, they got to know you and what you bring to the table and they felt you were the best choice over all the others.

You don’t have to be the most perfect person for the job, you only need to be competent and willing to do the work.

  • Do things you don’t feel 100% qualified for

When in doubt, put yourself in the mix. Apply for the promotion even when you don’t know if you are 100% qualified.

Ask for that raise, lay out exactly how and why you are the best person for the job and ask for more money to do it. The worst that can happen is they say no but they know you want more.

Women undervalue their abilities and value in the workplace compared to men.

  • Don’t be afraid to brag

Women notoriously play down their own achievements. Speak up about your achievements and what you have accomplished. Don’t wait for them to notice your work, show them.

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