Six Reasons Why More Women Should Join the Workforce

Today’s work environment demands better gender diversity, what with the increased developments and overall achievements organisations are experiencing.  As women pull their weight and take up more roles, especially in leadership positions, it’s evident that more organisations need to step up and play their role to improve gender parity. 

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) census data released in 21st Feb, 2020 shows that there were 9.89 million working women in Kenya in 2019, which is 100,000 more than then the recorded 9.79million men 

The value that women bring to the table has proven to be immeasurable. Here, we’ll discuss six reasons why every business should embrace more female representation. 

  • Boosting teamwork and nurturing great cultures

Hiring as many women as men in the workplace promotes an inclusive culture to the workplace. It encourages teamwork collaboration and leverages on diverse skills, thereby increasing productivity. Bringing diverse cultures together also encourages better teamwork and helps cultivate good culture.

  • Women make more supportive bosses which increase employee retention

Women tend to use more effective leadership techniques, incorporating relationship building and good communication skills to manage a team efficiently. A study by an American global analytics firm Gallup reported that employees who work with female managers were more engaged than those who worked for male managers. The support they offer helps to boost their levels of productivity. 

  • Women help to bring transformational ideas and improve a company’s status 

The addition of women to the workplace brings in diverse talents. Women generally have high standards.  They offer a fresh outlook and perspective to ideas, thereby boosting the team’s creativity and overall growth and development. This can also lead to sustainability of the organization.  Also, engaging women in the workplace changes how others view your organization, as it’s considered to be more prestigious. 

  • Problem Solvers

Women are known to be more perspective and better listeners. They judge less and often pick up on different forms of communication including visual, verbal, and emotional cues, making them effective problem solvers and worth considering for addressing workplace concerns or problems. 

  • Women are effective communicators and collaborate team effort

Effective communication is one of women’s strongest attributes. They are able to have meaningful conversations that clearly communicate the organisation’s goals and objectives, steering the company in the right direction.

  • Women offer consumer insight

Even though women shy off from showing off their skills, numerous researches done over the years show that they have an upper hand in handling some of the major economic issues. They are the largest consumers and can easily give you positive consumer insight to help grow your business to the highest level. 


Women offer significant social and economic benefits globally by setting new standards of leadership every day. They are incredible performers, and you too can successfully impact the workplace.

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