Embracing Unapologetic Living: My Journey to Intentional Living as an African Woman in 2024

As January unfolds, the pressure to soar with predefined goals and unwavering productivity is palpable. But is it truly necessary?

Reflecting on the tumultuous demands of 2023, I, like many African women, find myself juggling diverse roles—partner, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and purpose-driven entrepreneur. The struggle is real.

Yet, beyond the hectic schedule lies a deeper challenge. Life, as a woman, takes unexpected turns—from early work mornings to distress calls from the nanny or school, all while carrying the weight of social expectations and financial responsibilities. It often feels like the only coping mechanism is to keep moving forward.

Si ni life? (But isn’t this life?)

Last year, and in countless years prior, I found myself merely going through the motions, existing on autopilot and ticking the boxes life handed me. In 2023, I accomplished remarkable feats—running an organization, public speaking, managing a team—but I did it all without truly being present.

The realization hit me hard in September, culminating in a severe burnout from the year and a project that did not take off. Despite the challenges, I found solace in the responsibility I have to the incredible women in the TGC community. This low moment sparked a deep reflection on the year, unveiling the triumphs and impact we had achieved.

While 2023 turned out to be my year of transformation, the journey was marred by absentminded living. I juggled responsibilities as a businesswoman, mother, partner, and more, neglecting the importance of being present in my own life.

I learned that claiming autonomy over my life requires intentional decision-making, goal-setting, and carving out space for myself. This year, I am determined to break free from societal expectations, embracing myself as a human being who deserves intentional living.

I am on a mission to prioritize my roles as a daughter, partner, mother, and friend, without losing sight of the most crucial role—being Ciiru. It’s a job that demands intentionality, purpose-led decisions, self-care, and unapologetic dedication. To kickstart this transformative journey, I’ve crafted my first vision board, setting goals for every facet of my life, including being Ciiru.

In 2024, I am seizing control of my life, living intentionally, and saying hello to a year of growth, pride, and accomplishment. Join me on this empowering journey, and let’s make 2024 our year of unapologetic living!

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