What Is the Relationship Between Your Wellness and Your Ambition?

Two factors you will never miss in most motivational talks are being ambitious and watching your wellness. Ambition is the strong desire to achieve something, while wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits for better physical and mental health. 

Unfortunately, there is a fine line between ambition and wellness, and knowing how not to cross it is easier said than done. Failure to balance and lie on either side more than the other can quickly lead to loss. Fortunately, it’s possible to have both. 

So, what exactly is the relationship between wellness and ambition?

How Are Ambition and Wellness Related?

When you’re ambitious, you’ll stop at nothing until you make your dreams come true. Pushing too far mainly ends people with little or no self-care, thus affecting their wellness. When wellness is affected, you will likely find yourself in a rabbit hole that leads to depression, stress, anxiety, and other health issues. 

Affected wellness can also make you feel disappointed and frustrated. Even after achieving the dream you were ambitious about, you’ll still feel unhappy since you are unwell. 

How Can You Tell When Your Ambition Is Unhealthy? 

Too much of anything is unhealthy, and ambition is of no exemption. When overdone, ambition becomes an unhealthy obsession. Some of the ways that you can tell that your ambition is going overboard are:

  • You Are Unhappy 

As much as you are focused on the future, remember that you’re still in the present. How you live this moment determines whether you are ready for the future. 

For this reason, if you find that you are completely dissatisfied with the present and are always longing for the future, chances are your ambitions are too high. Good ambitions should not make you feel like you are presently a loser. 

  • You Are Hurting Others

Ideally, the goal is to achieve your ambitions at all costs. However, if at all costs means hurting others, then this is too much cost. This ambition that you are pursuing should not be at the expense of others. 

For instance, you may be too focused on your ambition to forget that your kids and spouse need you. If this is the case, it is time to slow down.

  • You Are Giving up Other Important Things?

Sure, achieving your ambition requires sacrifice. However, sacrificing other important things such as sleep or health to achieve ambition is becoming unhealthy. Reaching for your ambition does not mean giving up your current life.

  • You Are Ashamed to Seek Help

Although it is your responsibility to achieve this ambition, there is no harm in seeking help. Therefore, if you feel a strong desire to only achieve on your own and hate help even from close people, this is not the right ambition. 

How Can You Stop Ambition from Affecting Your Wellness?

As we stated earlier, it is possible to sustain your ambition and wellness. How do you achieve this?

  • Have Realistic Goals

It is okay to aim high but going overboard is in vain. For this reason, as you set your ambitions, go for something realistic. Check your current level and set goals and deadlines to achieve in relation to that. 

You can set the next ambition after achieving this one, and eventually, you get where you want. Take baby steps when approaching your goals, and this will make things so much easier than taking one big spoon. 

  • Pick Your Circle Wisely

Women are known to have a soft spot when it comes to sacrificing for those they care about. Unfortunately, you care too much in some cases that you forget you have ambitions to meet. This exhausts you so much that you affect your wellness. 

Ensure that everybody within your circle is worth your time to be safe. This will help you eliminate people who may take advantage of your kindness to stop you from achieving your dream. Additionally, with the right people in your circle, they motivate you to keep working towards your goals even when the road gets tough. 

  • Reflect on Previous Achievements 

What you have achieved before can help motivate you towards achieving your ambitions. Use this as a motivator to remind you that you have done it before and can do it again. When you feel stressed and exhausted, these achievements help bring you back on track. 

  • Emphasis on Self-Care

While you have a lot on your plate, ambitions to achieve, and a family to sustain, you may forget essential issues such as sleep and exercising. Focusing on your ambitions too much and ignoring important self-care issues affects your health and your ability to achieve your goals. 

It Is Possible to Achieve Your Ambitions Without Losing Your Wellness

Being ambitious is a crucial life skill that can help make your life easier and more purposeful. However, striving to achieve these dreams should not be at the expense of your wellness. Strike a balance between ambitions and wellness and make your life a walk in the park.

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