What to Wear when Pregnant 

Today’s modern woman loves to look good and fashionable, and expectant mothers are no exception.

Unlike in the past, trends have changed and today you will find very nice maternity wear clothes stalls and boutiques in shopping centres. Markets such as Toi and Gikomba that specialize in ‘mitumba’ also stock them.

When to Start Wearing Maternity Wear

For any expectant mum, pregnancy tends to change their body size and weight and this will mean making adjustments to your wardrobe as the pregnancy progresses. Read more on pregnancy stages here

  • First Trimester

During the first trimester, for many women, the bump can barely be seen so they can still comfortably wear their usual clothes. However, it is advisable to buy clothing that one can easily adjust to once they begin to show as your waist size will increase. 

  • Second Trimester

During the second trimester, the bump might show more clearly and at this point, it is wise to invest in more comfortable, stretchy or loose-fitting clothes depending on preference.

  • Third Trimester

This stage marks the final stretch of the pregnancy and due to the increasing size of the growing baby, she will need very comfortable clothes such as stretching tights or ‘deras’ which can easily fall over the belly hence no need to fasten buttons or zips. 

Key Items to Buy

Instead of spending lots of cash on clothes that you will only wear for a few months, it is wise to devise ways on how you can still look stylish and comfortable during those months.

In your wardrobe, you can sort out clothes with a relaxed, flowing or baggy style that can easily accommodate a growing belly and still be useful, months after giving birth. These could be:

  • Maxi dresses or deras
  • Leggings with a loosely fitting waistband 
  • Loose long tops
  • Trousers with an elastic waistband

Choosing a Comfortable Bra

Just like maternity clothes, an expectant mum also needs to invest in good and comfortable bras.

While buying a bra, support should be the main focus since the breasts tend to become much heavier during pregnancy.

You can choose to get

  • An underwire bra, ensuring it doesn’t rub off against your skin
  • A normal bra with thick straps on the shoulder to cushion the weight of the breast

You could also opt for sports bras or camisoles with cups to give you enough support and comfort. Whatever you do, be as comfortable as you possibly can. 



Please note that development differs from one child to another. 

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Last reviewed March 2019

Sources: thebump, modernmomhq

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