Why growth is important to today’s woman

Every woman desires to grow from one level to another in her life, whether career-wise, financially, socially, or even family-wise.

“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” – Oprah Winfrey

For every woman, personal growth is very important. When you grow from one stage to another, it means that you are living a meaningful life and not stagnating in areas that may be crucial.

Personal growth refers to various techniques for improving your habits, behavior, actions and reactions. 

It allows you to reach your full potential, be at your best self and live your happiest, most successful life

Before Ashley got married, she was in the habit of spending her money on unnecessary things that she hadn’t planned for. 

“Impulse buying was my thing. I mean, I would walk along the streets in town and whenever I saw new shoes or clothes that I liked, if I had the money I wouldn’t hesitate to buy,” says Ashley.

“Later on, I would ask myself, do I really need that with all the stuff that I have in my closet. It took me a while to carefully keep track of my finances, come up with a budget that I now strictly adhere to, especially now that I am a mother with so many responsibilities. I had to discipline myself when it came to finances and I am now seeing the benefits as I am able to save more. That is one area where I have greatly adjusted and grown and am proud of myself,” she explains.

Personal growth means always asking yourself who you are becoming and how you plan to get there. It can involve working on new habits and hobbies, fostering new skills, and practicing new strategies to achieve your goals. 

You also need to be willing to get out of your comfort zone, and sometimes, do things that are uncomfortable, but are for your own good. 

Here are things you can do in your daily life for personal growth:

Read about what you want to improve on

Do you want to get better at a certain skill? Read about it. Read books that explain it in detail, and by reading about it, it will always stay top of mind.

Find a mentor

A mentor can be someone who is more experienced in certain issues and wants to guide you on how to handle them. You want to learn from them.

Reflect at the end of each day

If you really want to take personal growth seriously, you need to be constantly aware of how you can improve. And the only way to know how to improve is by reflecting and asking yourself where and how you still need some work.

Create a reward/punishment system

This is necessary when you need to break bad habits. Sometimes, it is a reward (or a punishment) that makes the difference between immediate and rapid change.

Measure your progress

Regardless of how tough the habit that you want to work on is, you have to find some way to measure your progress. It is the only way you will really know if you are moving in the right direction–and when/where to pivot as you go along.

Consistency is key

Personal growth happens slowly and deliberately. Consistency is what creates meaningful change. Personal growth is a daily practice and lifestyle.

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