All About Birth Centres

A birth centre is a home-like delivery facility with medical professions but has minimum medical interruptions.  Given that about 50% of Kenyan women still deliver at home, these centres may suit a good number of moms in the country.  To help you understand if a birth centre is the right place for you, let’s cover important things about it. 

Why Should I Choose a Birth Centre?

It’s suitable for mums who are not interested in a hospital delivery but want the benefits of professional medical help.  It provides a homelike environment with personalised attention.

Advantages of A Birth Centre

  •  You enjoy more privacy. Birth centres usually have private rooms for labour unlike hospitals.
  • You enjoy more freedom. You’re able to walk around and deliver in any position you feel comfortable. In hospitals seclusion from other units can especially hinder your freedom.
  • You’ll have a shorter stay. Fewer medical interventions enable you to have a shorter recovery than in a hospital. 
  •  Lower risk of caesarean delivery. Research shows that women who deliver in birth centres have fewer pregnancy complications, hence lower chances of having a cesarean birth.
  • You experience greater comfort. Birth centres tend to have non-institutional equipment such as king-sized beds and birthing tubs that offer you more comfort than hospitals.

Disadvantages of A Birth Centre

  • The number of birth centres in Kenya is low. Therefore, their demand may be high, particularly if you live in a small town.
  • Less number of emergency equipment.  In case of birth-related problems, you may need to be transferred to a hospital.
  • Low insurance coverage.  Your insurance company may not cover your delivery at a birthing centre.
  • It requires early reservations. Birth centres are generally small in size, hence can’t handle many deliveries as a hospital would.  If it’s your option, you need to reserve your spot early.

After Your Baby Arrives

 Birth centres usually have a comprehensive postpartum care. Most offer a home visit within 24 hours of your delivery. Most will ensure that they know what you eat, how you feel, and the health of your new-born. You may also engage with the professionals and fellow mothers for support throughout your pregnancy. 


Can a Birth Centre Handle a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Unfortunately, birth centres only deal with low-risk pregnancies. Therefore, if you’ve health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cases of a breech baby, or you’re pregnant with multiples, it may not be the right choice for you. 


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Last reviewed January 2019 

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