Congratulations for your double blessing! Having twins can be both exciting and terrifying. First time mums may, especially find it challenging having to adapt to first, being a mum, and not just one, but two babies!

With so much to work around, you are bound to find numerous things, among them, feeding the twins, a tough call. The first few weeks will demand that you get some help, so if you had not planned for it before, then consider hiring a nanny, accepting offers or approaching reliable family members. Let’s look at a few other things you need to know and can take into consideration.

Should You Breastfeed or Bottle-Feed?

The options remain the same with having a single baby. You can either choose to breastfeed, bottle feed or formula feed your little ones. The choice still depends on your preferences. 

It is recommended that when you can, to feed your children with breast milk. It is especially vital for twins because they might be born smaller compared to other babies. With proper nutrition, your body should ideally be able to produce enough milk to feed both babies. 

Do not, however, beat yourself up if, for whatever reason, you are unable to breastfeed your babies. You can supplement your breast milk with expressed or formula milk. Other reasons you may need to supplement include:

  • Your babies may be premature and have a weak suck – this will ultimately delay milk production
  • In case of lack of weight gain
  • In case one baby is weaker or smaller than the other
  • In case you do not have time to breastfeed –  twins need to feed frequently because they rarely stay on the breast too long
  • If you’ve had a surgical procedure and need to heal

How to Feed

You may be tempted to allocate a breast to each baby, but this is not the best way to do it. For better growth and development, babies need to feed on both sides. Swap the babies on every feed to help in balancing the milk production. Remember, one of your babies may have a weaker suck. 

  • Feeding separately – this will help you ensure that the babies are latching well and you can bond with each child. It’s however time consuming and will reduce your resting time.
  • Feeding together – it really saves time and allows you enough time to relax. It may, unfortunately, make it difficult to get both babies to latch on properly. 
  • Positioning your twins – there is no right way to place your twins during a feed. The placement depends on what is comfortable for you and your little ones. The different options include:
  1. Football hold – also known as underarm hold is when you place your baby under your arm
  2. V-hold – it involves lying on your back and placing your babies on your side on each breast. Their legs will be on opposite sides.
  3. Parallel hold – easier for older babies. It involves placing the babies across your stomach on each breast. They will be lying in the same direction.



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Last reviewed January 2019

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