Eight Effective Hacks to Hiring a Capable Team

Getting it right the first time is important in the beginning stages of a startup. Now, here’s the thing, this step cannot be overlooked even in existing businesses. Your choice of employee will determine whether your business will be a success or a failure. Therefore, it’s crucial to set up a team that’s not only capable, but one that’s also reliable.

 We’ll share eight effective interview hacks that professionals use to always get the right team.

  • Plan ahead

Planning is everything! Before conducting the interview, you need to know exactly what the role entails, the compensation package and your expectations of the candidate. This will help you come up with a list of questions to find out if the candidate is the correct fit. 

  • Do research on the candidate

Once you’ve shortlisted your candidates, try and find out more about them before the interview. Luckily these days you can access information by the touch of a button. You can check their LinkedIn profiles, Their social media accounts and also their resume. This could give you a better understanding of the person walking in for the interview.

  • Build rapport

Imagine you’ve met someone for the first time and their first question is “what can you bring to this company?” This could send anyone’s stomach into knots. When conducting an interview, start with simple questions that help build a rapport. For example, how was your journey here? This helps ease tension and you’re likely to get honest answers while assessing the candidate’s personality.

  • Go with the flow

The interview may not necessarily go as you tend to but don’t fret, just go with the flow. After all, your aim is to get to know the candidate better. Make sure all aspects of the interview are covered.

  • Invite an interview partner

Having more than one person in your interview panel is quite helpful. These people bring their own questions and perspectives to the interview. They also assist in quick decision making, therefore shortening the interview process.

  • Describe problems, ask for solutions

In order to gauge whether the candidate is right for the role, describe potential problems that the candidate could encounter in their daily duties and see how best they try to solve them. This strategy helps you see how the candidate works under pressure and how good they are at problem solving.

  • Promote the company

Most interviewers forget that an interview is a two-way street. During the interview, you are learning about the candidate and so is the candidate learning more about the position and the company. This is a great opportunity to sell your company as it lets the candidate get a sense of the company culture.

  • Ask good questions

Use open-ended questions that let the candidate describe themselves better. Avoid questions that could offend the candidate such as religion, marital status or sexuality

An interview should be a conversation and not a trial. Try and listen more to the candidate and make sure you’ve asked all questions in order to make the right choice when building your team.

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