Scaling Up to Hire a Skillful Team for your Business

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs face is hiring the right team. Your choice of staff greatly influences the success rate of your business hence the need to ensure you only have the best skills on board. But just what makes a team?

What is a ‘TEAM”?

It is a group of like-minded individuals who are hired for the purpose of executing an interdependent task to accomplish a common mission or specific goals to allow the business to grow, scale and thrive.  

Why hiring a ‘proficient team’ is essential for the success of your business.

Buffet, an American business legend, spent several years trying to woo his friend Charlie Munger to be his business partner, he was specific and strategic and never gave up. He knew that having Charlie in his team would benefit his business and he couldn’t run the business alone – he needed a ‘team’. 

This team, given the right business tools, is likely to compete well with other players in the market even if the business is under-funded.

Great businesses flourish as a result of having a self-efficient team of creatives, planners and communicators, who brought in a mix of different personalities, skills and knowledge which greatly improved the business performance and value. 

What does establishing a Creative, Efficient and Productive team take?

It’s not an easy ride to build a proficient team for any entrepreneur, hiring is a long-term investment that needs to be carefully thought of. To succeed, there are some exceptional qualities you need to watch out for;-  

  • correct mindset – goal-oriented
  • good communication skills 
  • willingness to learn new abilities
  • supports other group members 
  • able to share responsibilities and own the business
  • individual diverseness

Best practices to adopt when hiring a team

Some of the viable approaches that will best prepare you into recruiting valuable team members who will help contribute to your business’ success are; 

  • Developing a clear business plan

You need a team that will help you realize your dreams faster, be clear from the word go by establishing clear measurable goals, vision and mission of what you want to accomplish.

  • Build a unique culture of values and expectations

Build an awe-inspiring culture that will boost the team morale and bring out the best capabilities and creativity, making you gain their loyalty and dedication towards the organization. 

  • Have a regular feedback session and review 

Encourage your team members to interact freely. Creating an ambiance where members feel valued will always get you genuine feedback that will improve the work relationship and performance.

  • Have a test run

Once you’ve established your team, you will want to test it and resolve any problems that may arise before you get into a real business. As an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want to wake up to a non-cooperative team, it will be a recipe for disaster.

  • Hire Wisely, It’s all about the Team

Teams give cheap actionable solutions, they provide answers to business questions that were thought not to be achievable before. Entrepreneurs should therefore understand that being able to find, hire and maintain the right kind of talent for your company will make or break it.

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