The Challenges of Raising Twins

Having twins is delightful. During the first year of your twin’s lives a lot will need to be done. Most mothers of twins often shy away or feel overwhelmed with the idea of raising twins. The common question that they often have is, if one baby is a handful, how will I survive with two? These ideas may help when raising twins:

Proper Preparation

Before the delivery of multiples, proper preparation will need to be done. You’ll need to shop for feeding aides, pillows, and typically what babies will need in their first year of life. These items are available in your local baby shop and markets if you’re to consider second hand items. For a checklist, see here.

Feeding Time

Enlisting an extra hand during the first year of your babies lives is usually recommended. Babies feed often for a short duration of time. A cycle of feeding one baby then changing them then just before you put one on to bed, the other one requires the same kind of attention may ensue. Having this extra pair of hands will help you navigate this.


Sleeping in the same crib or cot for newborn twins is often a good idea. This way, they can sleep side by side. As they grow up and start turning or wiggling, you should consider getting separate cribs for each baby for safe sleep. These cribs should be in the same room where the twins can still hear each other.

If when baby wakes up for a feed in the middle of the night, feed them first and immediately you’re done, wake the other baby and feed them. This will prevent you from having a scenario that you are constantly feeding babies throughout the night.

Consider getting your twins on a regular sleep schedule. This will give you enough time to catch your breath during different times of the day.

Mother to Twin Bonding

Most mothers of twins fear that they will have a favorite twin or they won’t effectively bond with their babies. Treating each child as an individual will help the bonding process.

Getting help from a partner may also be beneficial. This partner takes out one twin and leaves you giving attention to the other and then switched. This should be done at least once per week.

Twin Bonding

As your twins grow up they will start figuring out who they are as individuals. Helping your children out with this process will help them bond. Things that shouldn’t be done during this period are:

  • Dressing your twins the same way
  • Forcing them to participate in the same activity
  • Treating them like they are the same

Realizing that encouraging there individuality will in the end make your twins closer is the key when it comes to twin to twin bonding.

These tips should help you raise your twins in the best possible way.


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Last reviewed March 2019 

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