Your Baby At 7 Months Old

Congratulations! Your little one is now seven months old. At this age, you may realize that their life is becoming busier and they are more active than before. They become good at grabbing toys, sitting up and for some, even crawling. Your baby’s social life will also tend to become better, and they will be delighted to be around friends and family. However, it’s important to note that different children develop differently, so don’t worry if your child is yet to meet a milestone. Below are some of the major developments that you can expect your baby to have at seven months.

Motor Skills

At seven months, your baby may start trying to move around. This may be done either by crawl or roll. When this happens, try to encourage such developments by placing some toys away for him/her to reach them. Considering that your baby can now sit unsupported, you can expect that playtime will now be more independent.


Your baby’s Tooth buds emerge from their gums between the ages five and seven. These are a clear indication that your baby is teething. You may see him/her baby drooling more too, another indicator that they could be teething. Consider giving your chilled a chilled teething ring to help the sooth the sore gums. Some Kenyan moms swear by a  cold peeled carrot, so if you’re up to it, give it a shot!.


When the baby is seven months, they should now understand different communication methods. For instance, you will realize a head-turn when you mention their name. Additionally, other non-verbal communication methods are possible at this age. They will be able to tell how you feel by your tone or physical expressions.

Separation Anxiety

Your baby is completely familiar with you at this time. For this reason, they are likely to be clingy. You will notice this when you put them down or walk away from them. This separation anxiety may continue until the baby is about two years old. Therefore, try and schedule departures when they are asleep or distracted. Do not feel guilty in case the baby starts crying when you are away. As long as you keep coming back, they too will slowly trust that they will see you again.

Although different babies have different growth rates, there are several signs that show when all is not well. These include:-

  • Not gaining weight
  • Unable to roll
  • Does not respond to sounds
  • Does not reach for items around
  • Cannot make any sound
  • Does not respond to affection from you

Ensure that you contact a doctor in case you realize any of these signs. A qualified paediatrician will advise you on special interventions and practices to help your baby get better.


#Please note that development differs from one child to another

# Content intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from your doctor.

Last reviewed January 2019

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