Your Baby at 8 Months 

By the time your baby turns eight months, there is a new world of adventure beginning to open up for them. Not only are they getting around but also more curious about everything in their environment. You may notice that your child keeps watch and learns whatever surrounds them at this age. Additionally, your baby is likely clinging more to you and may suffer separation anxiety. Below are other major milestones that you can expect your baby to have when they are eight months old.

Good Motor Skills

Though this may not be the same for all children, your baby’s pincer grasp (this is the grasp made by the thumb and index finger) could be great by now. They will try to reach for everything that is around them and attempt to put it in their mouth. You may also find your child standing on his/her own while being supported by a chair or table. Consider this as the best time to baby-proof your home, and ensure that items such as Iron box cords, chargers, TVs among others are out of reach. However, do not panic in case you realize that your baby is not standing yet at eight months. Every baby is different and develops differently.


As much as your baby will still be breastfeeding at this age, their meals should include other solids. Therefore, give your child meals such as fruits and vegetables in addition to the breast milk or formula. In fact, you will realize that your baby will be more interested in table foods as compared to breast or bottle. Additionally, considering that your baby’s pincer grasp and chewing skills are better now, you could add finger foods to the meals as they are in a position for self-feeding. However, do not leave them unattended during this time no matter how good they are as this might cause more harm than good.


At 8 months, your baby has a better awareness of his/her surrounding and stronger sense of himself. They will start to understand daily routines as well as the idea of object permanence. You will also realize what they like or dislike at this age. Your baby watches your mouth and facial expressions as you speak as they are now getting interested in speech.

At eight months old, your baby should sleep for at least 15 hours. It is possible that your baby still wakes up at night, but this should be coming to an end soon. 

Delayed Development

Though these development milestones differ for different children, ensure that you consult a doctor in case your baby shows these characters:-

  • Fails to respond to any sound
  • Uses one hand more than the other
  • Cannot roll
  • Does not make eye contact


#Please note that development differs from one child to another

# Content intended for educational purposes only, and should not  be substituted for medical advice from your doctor.

Last reviewed January 2018

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